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A leaking water pipe is a common issue faced in every household where water is distributed with pipes.

Increasing water bills, wet walls, or reduced water pressure are all signs of a pipe leak somewhere in the house. Identifying and fixing the leak should be left to a certified professional because in many cases, the leaking pipe may be in a location that is not easily accessible. A professional plumber will have the knowledge and equipment needed to locate and fix the leak quickly before it causes severe damage.

Leaking pipes can be caused by a variety of reasons. Remodeling a house may damage some of the pipes, accidentally, especially if walls are being torn down. Extremely cold temperatures can cause pipes in the attic or outside to burst. Sometimes the leak will occur in a pipe that runs through the slab of the foundation of the home, where it can not be seen.

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Leaking Water Pipe Emergency

Detecting Water Pipe Leaks

The best way to check if your piping system is leaking is to first check your water meter.

Locate your water meter and check the leakage indicator to see if it is moving. Depending on the brand of your meter, the leakage indicator may be a small triangular dial or a small silver wheel that rotates when water flows to the meter. If the dial moves, there’s a probability you have a leak.

You can also take a meter reading and wait 1 or 2 hours, then do another meter reading (make sure no water is used during this time). If the reading has changed, it has a leak.

Once you have determined that you have a leak, the next step is to determine if the leak is inside or outside your home.

Locate the main shut-off valve in your home and close the water in the valve. As a general rule, you will find the shut-off valve in the basement or garage directly behind an outside tap or under an outside tap.

Again, check the movement of the leakage indicator or use the meter reading method, be careful not to use water during this time. If the leakage indicator stops moving or there are no changes in the meter readings, then it has a leak inside the house. If the leakage indicator continues to move or if there is a change in meter readings, the leakage is outside between the meter and the house.

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Damages Caused By Water Pipe Leaks

Plumbing leaks and slow drips can cause severe damage to the home interior. A water leak in a hidden location may take time to be noticed, but in the meantime, the water from the pipe can soak into floor or wallcoverings, weakening their structure, causing severe damage, or permanent stains. If a leak occurs in a warm location around organic material like wood, mold may start to form.

If you discover a leak, it’s best to contact our professionals at Elite Plumbing & Hyper-jetting today to stop leaking water pipes.

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If you discover a leak, it’s best to contact our professionals at Elite Plumbing & Hyper-jetting today to stop leaking water pipes.

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