Sewer Re-Lining Services
in Pico Rivera CA

Sewer Re-Lining Services in Pico Rivera, CA

A damaged sewer line can cause havoc in your home if handled carelessly. It is more than a drainage nuisance and will require Elite Plumbing and Hydro-Jetting professionals to repair before the situation gets out of hand.

A neglected, broken sewer line would result in structural damage, including cracks in the foundation. This poses a great danger to the soil, plants, and home occupants.

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What to do in Sewer Re-Lining Emergency?

Sewer blockages can be prevalent in your home depending on several factors. For instance, poor maintenance and tree roots can quickly result in drainage blockages. How do you react to the situation? Follow this procedure:

Shut Off Any Running Water

Once you notice any signs of blockage in your drainages, you’d want to shut off the main water valve to avoid flooding and irreversible sewer water damages. If the problem is emanating directly from the washrooms, you can turn off the water fixtures in those specific areas. If the blockage isn’t that serious, disconnecting the main fixtures will give you access to clean water as you wait for our team to arrive.

Don’t Use DIY Chemicals

Due to fear and confusion, it is common to attempt simple DIY solutions to restore your drainages. However, don’t pour any DIY chemicals down the drainage if you are not sure of the problem’s source. These chemicals may end up damaging the pipes and resulting in more losses. Instead, please wait for our technicians to arrive and solve the blockage with the right tools. Professional assistance will save you time and money.

Assess the Damage

Before calling us, you’d want to review the situation to determine what exactly you should say to our plumbers. You must report the situation as it is. That way, we can know the correct number of technicians needed on the ground and the type of tools to carry. Most importantly, we can give you an accurate quotation in advance.

Call Us Immediately

After assessing the damage, call us immediately. Don’t wait to queue on the online booking platform if your emergency is dire. We are operational seven days a week, with a slight variation of working hours on Sundays. Either way, we respond to emergencies immediately, and you can count on our technicians to make it to your place on time.

Reliable and Rapid Plumbing Services

We take pride in our high-quality repair services that will last for decades, ensuring you have a safe and reliable drainage system. Please give us a call today to clear that blockage mess and have your home restored in a matter of hours. Remember, timely repair translates to saving money and time compared to waiting until the situation worsens.

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